IUPUI has a longstanding tradition of collecting and reporting progress from academic and support units on a host of mission-related areas, as well as developing a culture of evidence informed by planning both centrally and throughout the campus.

Over the years, information submitted by academic and support units has permitted IUPUI to transparently communicate progress, demonstrate accountability, and promote accomplishments from across IUPUI to various internal and external stakeholders through the IUPUI Performance Report.

Beginning in 2016, IUPUI’s new Campus Annual Report framework

  • Offers a consistent structure for academic and support units to report on key aspects of their unit-specific work and how it aligns with and contributes to the overall IUPUI strategic plan.
  • Promotes the shared identity and goals of IUPUI across various academic and support units.
  • Provides a regular opportunity to review the IUPUI strategic plan, determine progress toward its goals, and reaffirm or develop new objectives and priorities related to the plan.
  • Summarizes how the unit is managing its physical, financial, human, information/technology, and other resources.