Dr. Brent Ruben

Brent Ruben

Dr. Brent Ruben is Professor II (distinguished professor) of communication; and Founder and Executive Director of the University Center for Organizational Development and Leadership at Rutgers University.  He is also Director of the Rutgers Predoctoral Leadership Development Institute (PLDI), a member of the faculty of the Graduate School of Education, and a member of the University Administrative Council.

Dr. Ruben’s work focuses on the role of communication in human behavior, and the translation of this knowledge to enhance communication competency and strategy among professionals in interpersonal, intercultural, health, organizational, educational and leadership roles.  He is author of more than 40 books and 200 book chapters and articles.  Major recent publications include: Understanding, Planning and Leading Change (2012); Strategic Planning in Higher Education: A Leader’s Guide (2010); A Guide to Excellence in Higher Education 2009-10: An Integrated Approach to Assessment, Planning, and Improvement in Colleges and Universities (2007); What Leaders Need to Know and Do (2006), Communication and Human Behavior.Fifth Edition (with L. Stewart, 2006); and Pursuing Excellence in Higher Education: Eight Fundamental Challenges (2004).

Dr. Ruben was first president of the National Consortium for Continuous Improvement in Higher Education (NCCI), a Baldrige Examiner and a member of the NIST Education and Healthcare Baldrige Pilot Advisory and Evaluation Team. He is a recipient of the NCCI Award for distinguished contributions to higher education; the National Communication Association Gerald Phillips Award for Distinguished Applied Scholarship, the Rutgers University Daniel Gorenstein Memorial Award for outstanding scholarship and service to the university community, and other awards for his research, teaching and professional service.  He was a founder of the Rutgers University, Department of Communication; first director of the University PhD in Communication, Information and Library Studies; and founder and first editor, of the International Communication Association, Communication Yearbook series.

Dr. Ruben works with higher education institutions on strategic planning, organizational assessment, leadership development, and innovation and change leadership, including most recently, the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine, Rice University, Mansfield University, American University and Nazareth College, in addition to many Rutgers academic and administrative schools and departments.