IU Indianapolis 2030

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A bold new vision

For more than 54 years, IUPUI has been recognized for its outstanding teaching and learning, resourceful innovation, commitment to community engagement, and research that changes lives for the better. Our campus and its 206,000 living alumni play a critical role in the metropolitan Indianapolis region as well as across the state as a whole.

The IUI 2030 strategic plan will build upon that solid foundation to ensure the strongest possible start for IU Indianapolis (IUI) when it launches on July 1, 2024. Our bold new vision is designed to increase the number of job-ready graduates in an innovation-led economy, fuel economic growth in the region and the state, and enhance service to the Indianapolis community and beyond.

IU Indianapolis 2030 Leadership Voices

Jerry Daday, Co-Chair, Student Success and Opportunity Committee

"Members of the Student Success and Opportunity subcommittees have been hard at work on a very short timeline for the fall semester. As we all know, there are a lot of changes happening on the Indianapolis campus, and these folks have rolled up their sleeves to really try and dream what the future of this campus is going to look like. It’s selfless work. They’re doing it because they care about this place, they care about students, and they care about each other. My co-chairs, Rafael Bahamonde and Joe Hayes, and I are really proud of the work that they’ve done."

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Damon Spight, Member, Enhancing Support for Faculty Excellence in Research Subcommittee

"Opportunities such as serving on this research committee allow for engagement with colleagues outside of how we would normally interact. Approaches to problem-solving, decision-making and just life in general are enhanced by the nuances a different disciplinary lens brings. The passion of the faculty on our committee was at the forefront of every meeting. They truly care about this institution. It was undeniable that they are committed to ensuring fairness and equity."

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Kathy Marrs, Member, Engaging State K-12 to Strengthen Education and Educational Pipelines Subcommittee

"Our key recommendations include working to formalize and coordinate efforts between the IU Office of K-12 School Partnerships, the IUPUI Office of Community Engagement and the IU School of Education at IUPUI; focusing on opportunities to strategically expand our service to the state and strengthening our education-related mission; and identifying ways in which we can specifically support teachers, both locally and statewide."

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