IUPUI Strategic Plan

Our Story Continues...

IUPUI launched its strategic plan, Our Commitment to Indiana and Beyond, in 2014.

We have already accomplished many of the objectives we envisioned then. As we celebrated IUPUI’s 50th Anniversary, we reaffirmed Our Commitment through updated and renewed goals and objectives, each designed to continue advancing IUPUI’s vision.

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Our Commitment, constantly evolving...

Our Commitment will not sit on a shelf. It is a dynamic plan that will respond to changing needs within and outside IUPUI. We invite you to join with us in creating an IUPUI that empowers, inspires, and improves the lives of our students, faculty, staff, and all of the members of our many communities in Indianapolis, across Indiana, and beyond.

IUPUI's Strategic Plan

FOCUSES on three broad priorities, each crucial to the future success of our institution, our city, and our state.

ADVANCES 10 strategic goals that position the campus for greater strength and excellence as IUPUI celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2018–2019, and both Indiana University and the city of Indianapolis celebrate their respective bicentennials in 2019–2020.

CONTRIBUTES to key state and national goals for degree attainment and economic development.

BUILDS on existing sources of strength, honors prior investments, and reflects widespread stakeholder involvement in ongoing planning, implementation, and improvement processes.

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Aligns with the Indiana University Bicentennial Strategic Plan...

Our Committment aligns with the Indiana University Bicentennial Strategic Plan and supports the following university principles of excellence:

  1. An Excellent Education
  2. An Excellent Faculty
  3. Excellence in Research
  4. The International Dimension of Excellence
  5. Excellence in the Health Sciences and Health Care
  6. Excellence in Engagement and Economic Development
  7. Excellence in Advancement
  8. Building for Excellence
  9. The Centrality of Information
  10. Responsible Stewardship of Indiana University’s Resources