Performance Report

Each year, IUPUI prepares a Performance Report, published both in print and on the web, that summarizes the year's highlights and progress toward achieving the campus's main goals.  The current report, Fulfilling the Promise: Our Commitment in Action, focuses on the goals set forth in Our Commitment to Indiana and Beyond:  IUPUI Strategic Plan.  Past reports highlighted progress on the campus's planning themes.  Click on the section items to the left to view individual sections of the current Performance Report or to view the archive of past year's reports.  Click on the thumbnail to the left to download a PDF of the current print report.

Chancellor's Report to the Community

IUPUI's Chancellor presents an annual report to campus and community stakeholders.  Click on the menu item to the left to find a video of the 2015 Report to the Community.

Emerging and Representative Performance Indicators

IUPUI is developing a set of Performance Indicators that will be used to gauge progress and success toward the goals of Our Commitment to Indiana and Beyond:  IUPUI Strategic Plan, as well as the Indiana University Bicentennial Strategic Plan.  Click to the left to view the current list of Performance Indicators.